Some people think there are no rules on proper burger joint selection. They are wrong. There are rules. Three rules. Your burger must be..

  1. HANDCRAFTED. We certainly aren’t one of those posh burger restaurants. But we do have an extremely hot burger grill and we do have posh, handcrafted burgers.
  2. HOMEMADE. Globalization is cool. But if it comes to meat, be a patriot. One hundred percent Swiss beef from green pasture. Guaranteed by us, your local burger & beer company.
  3. FIREBORN. There are many “faux” burger places. We are a real burger grill. We have the beast. You should be very strict on this. No real fire. No real burger.

FAQ: Are you guys serious?

Absolutely. Few things in life are of such tremendous magnitude as is the proper selection of your burger joint. Make no mistake about it: What you eat is who you are.