A real burger must be fireborn. There is no way around it. A burger cannot be called a burger unless it has earned its title. And fire will bestow it.

Well, anyone can make a “burger” and too many places nowadays give it a try. It has become some sort of a hipster thing. However, we believe it is a craft that requires what only years of experience, hard work and the right equipment can produce. At HEIDI & TELL Co. we have the beast. A fire-breathing grill that produces hundreds of degrees only the most daring employees can tame. It is these hardworking grill specialists that wrest from the elements what we proudly call a real, flamegrilled, fireborn and therefore true burger.

FAQ: How do I know if I am dealing with a real burger?

If you see grill marks it usually is a good sign. However, there are only two ways to be absolutely sure: a) grill it yourself b) eat at HEIDI & TELL Co.