Live coverage from the greatest inauguration of any chicken burger ever! Millions are welcoming the arrival of The Chicken B. – a crispy chicken treat in a cheese sprinkled bagel. There are many very bad burgers out there. Bad burgers! This one is a very very good one, a very very good and very very special burger … and everyone loves it. Everyone!

9:00am – Millions have gathered to witness the inauguration of The Chicken B. Millions! The crowd is huge.

9:14am – Everyone is standing and cheering. No one is sitting. No one.

9:16am – Women are screaming and some are fainting.

9:35am – Authorities are speaking of a record crowd size. The crowd size is much larger than on any superstar concert or any other inauguration, ever.

9:55am – It is absolutely amazing! Masses gathering in front of our store, awaiting the arrival of the Chicken B.