The Executive Management is responsible for – well – everything! That’s strategic decisions, product development, human resource management, and all the other things you could possibly think of. Below we give you a short description of our executive team also known as “the extraordinary tough folks” also known as “the maximum endurance problem solvers” also known as…:

Chief Executive Officer

A University of Zurich, law school graduate who got to wear bullet proof vests and ride in police cars while working for the public prosecutor’s office. A guy who spent countless hours in a law office and hustled in the halls of justice serving some district court. He then earned a securities trader license, worked for a hedge fund and somehow ended up spending way too much time in the world of investment and private banking.

In 2010 he started his own business selling burger and beer to the masses and fighting the adversities of entrepreneurship. As platoon leader of an army recon unit he could acquire skills that are now extremely helpful in leading a company. Thank you, Army!

Chief Operating Officer

Prior to enlisting with HEIDI & TELL LLC, she was one of the very few notable women in the energy and power insurance business. She holds degrees in risk management and economics and is an extremely sharp thinker. With her broad experience, particularly her leadership and people management skills, she is an unusual but powerful asset for any company but especially for a burger and beer company such as ours. She is proud recipient of the Cornerstone Award for excellence in leadership.

Being a professional athlete in her off duty time, she will pick physical activities over any other form of recreation. If you are member of a national olympic team do not hesitate to contact her. She is always looking for a fresh training partner.

Chief of Staff

Michael is an active Army infantry major, lawyer and secondary school teacher. With his skill set he is a natural addition to the board of directors. Especially his large collection of hunting gear and his many hours of disciplined military service make him a valuable member of our board. You wouldn’t believe how often the more crude aspects of a live in the trenches can be greatly beneficial to or even indispensable in a corporate environment.

Michael would love to hear from you should you decide to throw out that old Willys MB 1944…